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Info for your pets safety!

Welcome to Did you know…some plants and springtime flowers were poisonous for dogs?  The one that alarmed me the most was daffodils.  I am lucky that Cooper isn’t even interested in them, but if you have a curious George at home, daffodils and especially their bulbs are highly poisonous. Here’s a more complete list: • […]

Do you know the quality of your dogs’ treats?

As the Holidays are approaching, we know a lot of people enjoy purchasing their pets and their friends pets tasty treats. Unfortunately, not all of the treats that are purchased online are safe for our four-legged friends. I was contemplating selling our treats on Amazon, and did a quick search for our “competitors”. (I still […]

Food Allergies on the Rise

In the 3 1/2 years Cooper’s Way has been in business, I’ve been hearing about numerous dogs with food allergies. I myself suffer from eczema that wouldn’t clear up. I had some blood work done & found that I am allergic to so many foods (some I love, some I’ve never eaten) that it’s virtually […]