Do you know the quality of your dogs’ treats?

As the Holidays are approaching, we know a lot of people enjoy purchasing their pets and their friends pets tasty treats. Unfortunately, not all of the treats that are purchased online are safe for our four-legged friends. I was contemplating selling our treats on Amazon, and did a quick search for our “competitors”. (I still haven’t made up my mind on this. I would love to hear what you think! Email me at During a short weekend investigation I found a number of businesses selling treats, some at more affordable prices but they may not be licensed to sell, thus jeopardizing your pets health! Why buy from a Licensed business? Licensed companies follow strict safety standards, are insured and pay diligent fees to ensure quality control. * Licensed by Department of Agriculture, state where production occurs (Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.) *Send product out for pathogen and bacterial testing! Super important to insure a safe & healthy treat for your pawfriend. What to look for to ensure the company you are purchasing from is legitimate: Front labels: contain the weight of the product in ounces and in grams have an ingredient list say “Made in a non-commercial kitchen, not for human consumption” since most small businesses can’t afford a commercial kitchen. Name and contact info of the company Back label: will have a guaranteed analysis Best by Date Lot or batch # Name & address of the company Be careful the next time your get treats for your four-legged friend. Sometimes a few extra dollars is worth your piece of mind. Visit for our full line of products .