Dog flu returns!

The dog flu is back. The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago just closed it’s doors to adoptions for the next few weeks because their dogs were accidentally exposed to a sick dog that turns out has the incredibly contagious dog flu. Read the entire story here from ABC7 Chicago News. How contagious is it? If you were exposed to a dog that is sick, the virus will hitch a ride on you. If your dog kisses you, sniffs or rubs against your clothes, your dog will become ill. If you aren’t sure if you were exposed, shed your clothes at the door, run to take a shower & throw your clothes in the washing machine before your dog greats you. P.S. After the shower, it’s a good idea to put some clothes on first, then put your dirty clothes in the washer. So far, most Veterinarians have not noticed an increase in the dog flu with their clients, but they stated it’s just a matter of time. The symptoms include a honking cough, runny nose & fever. If you see any changes in your dog, call your Vet immediately. Please pass this information on to all the dog owners you know. Plaster it on social media. Hopefully with everyone more aware, we can prevent an epidemic.