Covid 19 and Dogs

There’s so much information coming at us regarding Covid 19 and Pets.  I found a great article just published from The Dog Journal.  Covid 19 can be detected in dogs, but it doesn’t seem to make them very ill and is not easily transmissible to humans.  However, the new variants of Covid 19 can affect our pets.  Symptoms: “ranging from lethargy and loss of appetite to rapid breathing and fainting. Lab tests revealed cardiac abnormalities, including irregular heartbeats and fluid in the lungs, all symptoms seen in human cases of COVID-19…. may actually be correlated with myocarditis in some infected pets. Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart tissue that, in serious cases, can cause heart failure.”  If you notice any signs your dog is not feeling well, it is recommended to call the Vet to discuss the symptoms and possible treatment or if they want an in person visit.